Welcome to Halle, welcome to Germany

Dear participants of the World Championships,
dear friends and supporters of dog sports,

from 26 to 30 April 2017 the Belgian Shepherd World Championships will take place in Halle (Saale), a city full of diversity, creativity and enthusiasm for sports, which is in a dynamic process of development and growth. The city is home to top-class sports of all disciplines, reaching from all kinds of ball sports to athletics and animal sports.
With a multitude of prominent sports events such as the Middle German Marathon and the Hallesche Werfertage, sport is omnipresent in the European metropolitan region of Middle Germany.

In 2017, the year of the quincentenary celebrations of the Reformation, our city as its ( = as the
center of the Reformation) center, is granted international attention.
The World Championship of Belgian Shepherds as an international competitive sports event is a
highlight not only for supporters and experts of dog sports. The level of performance and the
success of many years of intense training of man and dog will be rewarded with awards,
appreciation and an enthusiastic audience in Halle (Saale).
To all of the operators and organizers of the event, as well as all active participants, I wish success
and excellent results!
Welcome to Halle (Saale), place of birth of Georg Friedrich Händel!

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Bernd Wiegand, mayor of Halle (Saale)

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Heute haben wir das wunderbare Wetter genutzt um ein paar schöne Fotos vom FMBB 2017 Stadion in Halle (Saale) mit unserer Drohne zu machen!

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