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Morten R. Larsen

Outi Hermiö

Manfred Strecher

Berry Kleinhesselink

Xavier Bruna

Marcio Cerqueira

Protection helpers

Stefan Hildebrand
World Cup Part 1

Sebastian Ruby
Reserve World Cup Part 1

Matthias Mylius 
World Cup Part 2

Achim Junghans 
Reserve World Cup Part 2

Alexander Meyer
WC Finals Part 1

Andreas Kreis
Reserve WC Finals Part 1

Jörg Schwabe
WC Finals Part 2

Alexander Schürmann
Reserve WC Finals Part 2

Pictures Tracking

Pictures Tracking

Das Fährtengelände befindet sich circa 30 Minuten vom Stadium entfernt. Vom Treffpunkt in der Nähe vom Fährtengelände sind es 10 Minuten.
Weitere Informationen folgen. Die genaue Adresse des Meetingpoints wird während der Auslosung bekannt gegeben.

The trackingarea is located 30 minutes from the stadium. From the meeting point near the track area is 10 minutes away.
More information will follow. The address of the tracking meeting point will be published at the drawing.

Stadium scheme for Obedience

Stadium scheme for Protection

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The protection work will take place on the sports ground. The running direction is from the left to the right seen from the grandstand. The first send out at the patrol goes to the right. The required markings for handler and helper will be made according to the IPO regulation. The selection of the helpers and the protection work training will be held according to the schedule.
The dog handler can wear light sportive clothing.

Security check entrance
About 15 minutes before the planned starting time of a team the team leader has to report at the security check point (handler’s entrance) that the team is ready to start. Following the collars will be controlled.
In case a handler is not present at least 15 minutes before the start he will be disqualified. The identity will be controlled after the presentation at the handler’s exit.

Protection work helpers
The helpers who will be assigned and the substitute helpers will be selected from the head judge and the judge of section C. The helpers have to use the protection clothing, sleeve and trousers.

Protection clothing
The protection clothing of the helpers is jacket, trousers and sleeve. The outfitter is SCHWEIKERT.

Hiding places for protection work
The hiding places are standard protection work tents. They will be removed from the performance ground during the obedience, their placing is marked.